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What is Sustainable Fashion? Its Key Benefits and Latest Trends

unique fashion

What is Sustainable Fashion? Its Key Benefits and Latest Trends

Sustainable fashion has become the latest buzzword in the global fashion industry. It is not only the newest trend but also a great way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through making eco-friendly fashion choices.

According to the latest research, more than 30 per cent of customers in Gold Coast would be willing to pay higher price if the clothing line is produced sustainably. Both, men and women, are clear about their decisions and thus participating in minimising the greenhouse gas emissions without compromising on their chic style.

To know more about it, let’s delve more and understand everything about sustainable fashion, its benefits and latest trends overblown in the market.

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What Does Sustainable Fashion Mean?

Unfortunately, the textile, footwear and clothing industry is the second-largest contributor to pollution in Australia.  However, the industry has been adopting sustainable practices due to the increased demand of customers, environmental benefits and future-driven business concept.

Sustainable fashion in the process of creating clothing and other fashion accessories that is eco-friendly, economical and socially responsible. In simple words, it is a responsibility of businesses to strictly adhere to the sustainable practices throughout the process, from sourcing the raw materials to disposal of the final product.

The sole objective is to incorporate sustainability in urban fashion and bring revolution based on animal welfare, ecological integrity, social justice and equality.

What are the Benefits of Sustainable Fashion?

Here are five key benefits of choosing eco-conscious fashion over traditional ones:

Minimises Carbon Footprint

There is no denying that the traditional fashion industry in Gold Coast and other parts of Australia is a major polluter. However, you can find various sustainable brands that adhere to using eco-friendly materials and processes to minimise their carbon footprints.

These brands have been organic cotton because it uses less energy and water to grow as compared to traditional cotton. This will also reduce the landfill waste.

Top-Quality Clothing Experience

Environmentally-friendly fashion brands often focus on quality over quantity. They strive to leverage best quality raw materials and use sustainable production methods, making clothes durable, comfortable and classy.

Good Health

In sustainable fashion, clothes are made from natural fibres that are free of harsh chemicals. This can protect your skin from allergies and other potential diseases. That’s why the majority of parents opt for sustainable clothes for their kids in Gold Coast.

Key Sustainable Fashion Trends

Have a look at the sustainable fashion trends prevalent in the global market:

Fair-Trade Fashion

Under this trend, the activities are conducted for the welfare of the people working in the clothing industry. The focus is on the prevention of child labour, safe working conditions and fair wages.

Cruelty-Free or Vegan Fashion

Products are manufactured without using the skin of animals. In fact, they are made using organic or vegan raw materials that are cruelty-free.

Green Fashion

This is one of the most popular fashion trends in Gold Coast which focus on replacing plastic or synthetics with biodegradable fibres, such as mushroom leather, organic cotton, kelp leather and hemp.

Upcycled Fashion

This trend is all about reusing and repurposing materials and clothing to re-create new fashion styles.

Wrapping up

Sustainable fashion has become the need of an hour. It can protect the planet, reduce greenhouse emissions and reduce cruelty on animals and improve your overall health.

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