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Why Do People in Australia Love Boho-Chic Styling?

unique fashion

Why Do People in Australia Love Boho-Chic Styling?

The Boho-chic style statement has been gaining a lot of popularity across Australia, including Gold Coast. This chic style showcases the carefree, laidback and relaxed spirit of people, and that’s why it has become a new trend these days.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, working professionals and students have been inclined towards Boho-chic fashion because it is all about comfort, earthy tones, natural and loose fabrics, and much more. The best part is that this style is inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Australia, ranging from golden beaches to rugged outback.

It is not just choosing comfortable clothing, but it embodies a lifestyle that respects nature, creativity and individuality.

In this guide, we will delve deeper and understand why people in Australia love boho-chic style too much.

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What is Boho Chic Styling?

Boho-Chic is known as Bohemian Chic, and it represents the hippie movements of the 1960s and 1970s. This fashion has evolved in different elements with the sole objective of showcasing Australia’s indigenous culture and untamed beauty.

New-age fashion stylists in Gold Coast, Sydney and other parts of the country have been creating a fusion of natural fibres, beautiful patterns and earthy tones to give a spice of innovation to the Boho-Chic style.


Key Elements of Boho-Chic Style

People in Australia love this particular fashion trend because of the following elements, including:

1. Natural and comfortable Fabrics

Most of the clothing in boho-chic fashion is made from natural fabrics, such as hemp, cotton and linens. These materials are also used in urban fashion because people want comfort and style at the same time.

The best part about natural fabrics is that they are breathable and ideal for Australia’s shiny and warm climate.


2. Earthy Colours and Tones

Australian Boho-Chic style is different from other fashion statements because it focuses on using earthy and natural tones like green, cream, brown, beige, blue etc.

These beautiful and eye-pleasing tones represent the beauty of Gold Coat’s crystal clear beaches, lush green mountains and mesmerising landscapes.


3. Vibrant Patterns

The boho-Chic Style leverages the benefit of vibrant textures and patterns. It boasts of floral motifs paisley prints and of course indigenous-inspired beautiful designs.

That’s why this style is popular among students, working professionals or those who love experimenting with their clothing.

Young working females love this trend as they can tune up the Boho-Chic dress with handmade accessories, such as woven hats, beaded jewellery and fringed handbags. This gives an authentic and chic look.



4. Loose Silhouettes

Believe it or not! The loose-fitted and flowing silhouette is the most important element of the Boho-Chic style. This includes maxi dresses, oversized tops and blouses, wide-legged pants, etc add comfort and freedom to the style.

The focus is to embrace the natural form instead of limiting the structure. The whole idea is to promote a sense of comfort, relaxation and ease without making you look odd.

Even this trend is getting popular among kids. You can create adorable outfits for them and make them feel relaxed.


5. Stylish Footwear

Boho-chic style in Australia focuses on versatile footwear. It incorporates sturdy yet stylish options, such as ankle boots, leather sandals and espadrilles.



6. Beautiful Headscarves and Hats

Do you love hats and headscarves? If yes, then Boho-Chic style is for you. These elements protect you from UV rays and give a funky and stylish look to your whole attire. Make sure you choose the right colour that compliments your dress and footwear.



Tips to Style Australian Boho-Chic

Below are some of the best tips and tricks to help you style Australian boho chic like never before:

  • It is good to choose attires that are made from natural fabrics, such as linen, cotton or hemp.
  • Pair your comfortable clothes with earthy tones, such as green, blue, brown and beige.
  • Opt for loose silhouettes for your added comfort.
  • Layer different pieces to make it look more chic and classy
  • Wear beaded jewellery, a hat and leather sandals to finish off your look.

You can shop all your favourite Boho-Chic clothing from the best online fashion market, Gold Coast, and create your own style statement.



People in Australia love Boho-Chic because of its versatile, freestyle and comfortable styling statements. It is perfect for everyday wear, especially if you love nature.


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